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 Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, or perhaps because of it, now more than ever consumers want to plan for a stable financial future, which means increased demand for qualified financial professionals.

Certified financial planners looking to make a job change or newly certified professionals looking to launch can find career support online through the Career Center sponsored by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., known as the CFP Board. The CFP Board is a non-profit organization that serves the public by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning.

"The CFP Board Career Center is one of the best resources for finding jobs in the financial planning industry," says Barbara Lommen, financial planner and associate advisor. "It is provided by a reliable source, is easy to use, and opens the door to a great job," she adds.

Here's how the Career Center works:

- Introduce yourself. Create an account on the career center to apply for jobs and to receive job alerts and other notices about career development resources.

- Show your skills. Uploading a resume to the Career Center site makes the job application process quick and easy, and allows employers to see how candidates' qualifications line up with their openings.

- Find your match. The job alerts feature allows users to select up to five alerts, using keywords such as "financial planner." The alerts feature customizes job searches with choices for employment type (such as contract or full-time), location (a specific city or state, or working from home), and job role (such as financial planner, wealth management, or investment advisor).

The Career Center features not only extensive job listings throughout the United States, but also resources for financial professionals at all stages of their careers. In fact, Career CFP® professionals report an 87% client satisfaction rate. (click here to view the video.)

One of the Career Center's special features, the Career Paths Guide, is designed to help financial planning firms attract and keep new talent by examining their strategies for recruitment, training, and career development.

Other resources include details on CFP certification, tips for transitioning into a financial planning career, and updates on the latest rules and regulations that all financial professionals need to know.


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